What is Rend?

In a series of whats, What is Rend is more than likely your first what. Breaking the game to its most basic you will Survive, Conquer, and Ascend. I will go into greater detail, leave a comment if you would like to see more! Speaking of comments, leave on for a chance to be called out in the next video, winners must have commented and subscribed! As we gain more Subs, we will be giving out real swag.

First things first – Get Social!

Rend is a faction based PvE and then PvP, your dependent on your faction players to cooperate and help build the best environment possible. As soon as you get in to the server, reach out to your faction people. Let them know you exist and that your down to team up or hunt or gather supplies of some sort. If your fresh to the server, you will need to gather your own set of gear and tools before you can really be useful.

Get some Clothes!

Find some green round bushes, hold down your left mouse button till that bush is gone, rinse and repeat till you have what you will think to be too much, make some of the yarn ball looking materials in your crafting section, you press C to get to the crafting section. With some Fiber Twine  you can start making your clothes to keep you safe from attacks.

Fiber Twine requires 4 Raw Fibers
Roughweave Sandals – 12 Raw Fibers / 6 Fiber Twine
Roughweave Trousers – 20 Raw Fibers / 2 Fiber Twine
Roughweave Shirt – 20 Raw Fibers / 3 Fiber Twine

x = Raw Fibers / 4x = Fiber Twine
12RF + 6(4RF) = RoughSandals and so on taking us to (12+20+20)+((6+2+3)4) =52+44=96 Raw Fibers to make your clothes
Get to picking!

Get some Tools!

For your harvesting equipment, you will need to punch some trees and then use the appropriate tools to get the right materials, and yes, you will need more Fiber Twine!

Spirit Hatchet – 3 Rough Stick / 1 Fiber Twine
Spirit Mallet – 1 Rough Log / 1 Fiber Twine / 1 Sticky Sap
Spirit Pick – 1 Rough Log / 1 Fiber Twine / 1 Flint
Spirit Sickle – 3 Roughwood Stick / 1 Fiber Twine / 1 Flint

Important to notice – depending on what you want to harvest, you will need to use different clicks, left click will wing the tool downward, the right click will swing side to side. For example the axe will harvest more rough sticks when using the up and down left click and when using the right click for side to side you will harvest more logs.

Get some Food!

You will want to harvest some Melons, but you can also work on your Survival with a camp fire by cooking up a rack of ribs, if you don’t cook them, you will poison your self! Make a Camp Fire and a few Simple Bows, they don’t last long, so make more than two!

Simple Bow – 6 Roughwood Stick / 1 Fiber Twine
Rough Arrow x3 – 3 Roughwood Stick
Rough Hide Waterskin – 12 Thin Leather Scraps / 2 Fiber Twine
Campfire – 4 Roughwood Log / 4 Crumblestone / 1 Flint

You will want a water skin and to learn to live with hunting for your meat as it will fill you up much faster than eating the Watermorsals or you may recognize them as watermelons. You can harvest a large amount of watermorsals with the Spirit Sickle, and rapidly press the hot bar key that they end up on, but that doesn’t help you level up as much as hunting will. If possible focus on the hunting! If possible, find some salt and use some Poorly Cooked Meat, it will help you more than normal food, but will dry you out, so make sure to have a waterskin ready! Important to know, even if there are tons of equipment around, you will need to make everything at east once to unlock the craftable item that is after it in its chain.

Circle back to helping the faction

This may not seem intuitive for most gamers, but this game is all about community, you will need to help your faction to build up as best as possible so that you can beat out the other factions and Ascend! You will be upgrading the facilities and the walls and structures all awhile building your own smaller structures with your friends or some folks that you chatted with earlier. You will want to make a Twinebound Pouch to add some carry weight +20 to help you carry all these valuable resources back!

Twinebound Pouch – 20 Thin Leather Scraps / 15 Fiber Twine

This is just the beginning

There are tons of different things to build and discover in Rend, but you will need your fellow adventurers to get through it! This is different from Ark in a few ways but the largest difference is that you are dependent of your faction and they are depending on you, but you can get pets to help you hunt as you level up taming. You will have access to spells and much more! A friendly tip, don’t go into the caves around the starting area till your able to defend your self and hold a torch, its a trap and the critters in there will poison you. If you Die, you will just need to look for a shining beacon coming from your dead body, you won’t see it from every where but it helps!

Good luck adventurer! Have fun and meet some new friends!


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