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We believe in you, that is why we built TetraByte Media.

Our mission is to be top solution for entertainment and community. Group up and take over the world, one pixel at a time.

As you read in our mission statement above, we aim to be a place for entertainment and community. We are shooting high, but just like NASA or space exploration, if you do not reach for the stars, you will never be among them. Lets take a step back, and discuss our methodology behind our belief system, to explain, I need to reference a movie:

Have you ever seen the movie Field of Dreams?

Field of Dreams is a great movie with Kevin Costner, who plays Ray. Ray goes on this fantastic journey of discovery starting with a body-less voice telling him, “If you build it, he will come.” The ‘he’ of the quote is referencing multiple he’s, of which is an infamous classic and the spirit of his father which has some weight for the plot of the movie. My point to bringing up that there is more than one he for the movie is to drive home that some times we start a journey or process with a specific goal in mind and find that the outcome of the project comes out with a different goal. Many of you will understand where I am going with this, for those of you who have not seen this movie and do not understand the reference, the purpose of the movie is clear: with effort given and a strong backing of faith or belief, you too can do the unlikely, the unbelievable, the surprising, the beyond expectations, your goal can come true.

The body-less voice that Ray hears, this happens to all of us, we all have these moments in our heads where we hear the voice in our head telling us to create something amazing: to think outside the box, to journey into the unknown, to jump off the cliff and try something new. In history that new thing was attempting flight from the top of a building, which ends in disaster. This, of course, was until flight was actually figured out and we began to be able to soar on the winds, more times into the sky than we have ever crashed to the ground. We all have the other voice in our heads that whisper like snakes in our ears, to not try or “Why bother.” But we are not hear because of the negative or sad lonely voice, we are here because of the trying voice. We must push forward to the new frontier.

Started with a Podcast

Weber and I started a podcast as online friends to talk about things that we are interested in, at the time it was named after the social group we were a part of and had an additional person. After 5 or more episodes the other person began to lose interest and focus even while recording the audio for our episodes and friction began to build. Weber and I left that podcast behind, we created TetraByte Podcast and released more than 25 episodes! I am very proud of those episodes and that were were able to be in the top podcasts of our category on iTunes even though were were fairly unheard of. Life tends to happen and we ended up taking a bit of a break from recording, but are gearing back up to begin recording regularly to release episodes. But I am determined to do more than podcasts, that is why we have changed to TetraByte Media.

Our New TetraByte

Our old URL, or web address, was TetraBytePod.live, which was ill named and clunky. A good lesson learned there. Not only is our new web address shorter, it all fits so easily. TetraByte.Media is our best foot forward, giving into the hope and dream of being more for ourselves and others. We will be releasing articles, videos, and podcasts all interconnected, but with more in mind. We aspire for TetraByte Media to be a place to help others gather and form impactful teams or tribes that have similar goals in mind. The world of streamers / video makers / podcasters can all feel like lonely islands. Islands that are for one or two or just your small team of people only. Gathering together can help create a feedback loop, a place where you can grow together, where you can associate with each other, where you can fly off of your lonely island and take your creativity to new places.

We are Similar

As we start out, we all have this original idea, which is precious and scary and full of intentions. When we start out, we don’t know what we will face as challenges, we don’t know the joys and pains we will feel, we just feel excitement and nerves for the most part. I feel that now as I am pushing forward with our new methodology of creating entertainment, but also for my new fledgling site, my new baby that I will be feeding and nurturing to help it grown into a beastly community of creators all pushing toward a similar goal: To create with others and be the best at what I do. That’s what TetraByte Media is here for, we are here to help facilitate that process! Look at the bottom of every page, you will see our mission in the About us.

We believe in you, that is why we built TetraByte Media.
Our mission is to be top solution for entertainment and community. Group up and take over the world, one pixel at a time.

Listen to any of our prior podcasts, we believe in the greatness lying in wait in every person to amazing good and unbelievable feats, sometimes it just takes a push or nudge or helping place. TetraByte Media is dedicated to be being this place not only for our listeners / watchers / readers, but every one who wants to create with this same goal in mind.

Here is the Call to Action!

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Thank you for joining us in this process,
TetraByte Wike
Karl Weik


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