Here we are! Lets ask the question, Should I Back Temtem!!

Lets start off by saying, Temtem is already successfully funded. Yes, its true, but they are blowing past their target goals and building up to create a far better game!

Lets take a look at their page details by watching this quick video

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Temtem is a creature capture game, you explore in a Multiplayer world that pits you against other captures and other players!

You will be able to Coop Battle in game with a friend! This is great! One of my personal favorite types of playing, is by doing Coop. I don’t imagine it will be couch coop, but to be able to capture and compare Temtems with a friend with in battle examples will be a huge help to finding your perfect team.

These seem to be the three choices for starters, Nature / Water / Fire possibly! They start out as adorable, but Evolve into great fearsome Temtems.

Your avatar will have many options to customization and will be able to look as different as you like! I find this to be key with as much multiplayer playable characters running around, it will be nice to see my buddies known avatar or his new one walking up to be shown off.

At the time of when I grabed this image, the morning of, Temtem had surpassed its goal of having an Arcade Bar with mini games in game. This among other goals really helps to show this teams passion for fun play.

You can see that there is an egg Form, then Child, Teen, Adult form. I wonder if there will be this many evolution stages for each Temtem. Keeping with the standards of creature capture games, I’m am betting there is also mating that allows you to raise new versions from a habitat of some sort.

Here you can see the massive amount of hopeful multiplayer characters just running around!

Take a look at the strengths and weaknesses chart! Find your competitive edge in battle.

And here you can see the different options for Pledging and Backing Temtem!


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