My Expectations

Hi, my name is Wike and I like Dungeons and Dragons. That’s not what this game is, its nothing like dungeons and dragons, and with playing for about an hour, i didn’t see any actual dungeons either. But with a name like Me and Dugeons, I expected to encounter some dungeons and some traps. But the more I played, it turned out to be just a series of maze like rooms and corridors with walls directing you from start to end, but with no actual direction.

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Lets be fair, this game is 1.99$. What expectations should we have when playing low tier cost games? One expectation I have is that the the graphical overlay for the weather effects not cause the enemies to be see through. This is a huge over sight as it helps to break the immersion of the game.

Other than that, the graphics are actually pretty pleasant, the zombie with a big spike through its head was sort of adorable in a Frankenstein’s monster kind of way. The objects and placement were over all nicely done. For the dollars you may spend on the game, its not too bad of graphics.


Okay, Lets start with the positive: the enemies are fun to kill once you figure out how to dodge them while attacking and it is fun to buy new gear to help you kill all the quicker.

Now to the negative: The game needs much more work for the damage mechanics. Damage is assigned after the animation is completed. Per example the enemy will do a slash or head butt and you won’t see the damage until after their animation is completed, even if you are backed away out of harms way. This makes learning to dodge feel like its not an option. Object placement breaks the routing of the maze as tents can be in the way and prevent you from getting to where you are trying to go. The use of a few planks of wood as a wall is breaking for the game, you can see through the wall and it removes that dungeon feel. Some of the basic graphical designs majorly hurt this games appeal for encouraging gamers to play longer than half an hour.


There are some very basic controls, move with WASD / Arrows, left click for attack, G for potion, P for pause. That is all. No dodge, no roll, no block, no cast of spells. In todays gaming environtment, using Unity to build a game, it is very easy to incorporate more control mechanisms easily. Controller support is simple to set up but not featured in game.


Final Judgment: 1.5 / 10

This game was gifted to us at TetraByte Media for review purposes, but it isn’t in Beta or Alpha, its a full build. Me and Dungeons feels more like a college students solo project for a semester of work that they then submitted to Steam to try to earn something from it or to act as a Resume bullet point. I gave it my college try, but for a full real game / non demo, its just far below my expectations, even for indie or solo dev work.

To the creator, put in some more work on the game, add ceilings, change the walls, remove the weather effects, make the coins counter work, and add dodge mechanics. These few things would make this game far more enjoyable, especially if the game feels like i’m running through a dungeon.


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