It was a real pleasure to have Andy share his time with us and to you, the listeners.  Andy told me it was the first time he really used Discord as a means for direct voice chat so we hope you’ll give us a little leeway with the audio quality of both his microphone and mine.  The content itself was something that helped provide me a greater realization on certain topics and hopefully was illuminating to you.


Often in hindsight of a discussion, you wish things could have been revealed or reworded in a different manner, as I realized this after using the term “cash grab”.  It would have been more accurate for me to make the distinction between publishers and developers, where publishers focus will be more towards promotion and sales. By nature, their role will promote the scales to tip more towards a cash grab mentality.  If you read our last FBF blog, you should be aware of an extreme example of the cash grab model being implemented with disastrous results. Andy explained The Indie Stone’s distaste for such a model, how the market works, and thus why we a TetraByte Media respect their approach towards upholding a respectable contract between the author and consumer.


I also wish to address perhaps an oversimplification on my part regarding the taste and choices of the individual regarding their purchasing habits.  We have promoted heavily a “looking for deals and sales” approach but have sought after a balance by the cost to fun factor ratio. There are plenty of developers I am content with paying full price for their product to support them and fulfill the unspoken “author to consumer contract”.  At the end of the day, we want our listeners to find games that work best for them with all things considered. We hope you always use patience and research as a means to help find your particular balance and satisfy your taste. We encourage you to provide any constructive feedback so help others chose wisely or for developers to improve their product.


Thank you for your time; we hope you learned a lot and enjoyed the show.  You can find us at where you can find our previous podcasts, YouTube videos, and blog posts.  Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think so we can improve.


Here are the websites discussed during the podcast episode 34:

1.0 Release Date (Aug 22nd, 2015)

How NOT to make a game


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