FBF Warriors: Rise To Glory



Weik: We have spoke with Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and no Israelis, each and every one of us all have similar goals and passions. We all are pushing for something that we dream about and want to be successful. For myself, I want to provide quality content, to connect us normal folks to game developers and show just how human they are. We all wear roles and different hats in our lives but we are still so very similar. We may come from different backgrounds or different upbringings but we are still similar. The choices we make define us, and when you hold yourself back from what could be amazing, you are only hurting yourself, do yourself a favor, set your future self up for success with the effort of today.


Weber:  Friedrich Nietzsche said “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how”.  Finding meaning in life is the catalyst that brings upon happiness as a consequence.  It was a pleasure to have Shay and Lior as guests and promote their friendly demeanor and approach to life; not taking it too seriously.  It is important to find a balance in life and although games enrich our lives in many various ways, we must acknowledge they are a luxury at best while a distracting deteur from our dreams at worst.  We sincerely encourage you to seek balance between gameplay and your aspirations so you don’t see them slip away forever. Follow your purpose in life and all things will fall into place. If you don’t know where to start, do so by learning to love and serve others; the shadows will be lifted.


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