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Wike- We all have this voice inside ourselves, the one that tells you that your not special, that you’re not able to make it as a game dev or a filmmaker or a book writer or an artist or a media journalist. But I want you to know, this voice is wrong. It is an important part of your inner psyche that is there to keep you safe, but that was from when we needed to venture into the woods to fight for our food against nature. Now it only acts to keep us back or down from our dreams. You must ignore that voice and cling to your dreams, no one else can do this for you. Jump up and down, scream and dance, punch the sky with your passion and drag yourself to a better place. This better place is crafted by your effort and leads only to happiness and fulfillment. And the big secret to success is to try and keep trying until your successful, there is no other way.

Weber-  Collaboration or networking is something Weik and I understand being crucial to success.  The greatest joys are only reached when those experiences are shared with others. We are thankful TetraByte Media has served as a platform so people like Rory can be heard; people like you.  We realized that podcasting surrounding the gaming industry were lacking a genuine intimacy between the content of the authors and their actual voice to their audience. Lets face it. Having a real conversation with someone has a certain charm that cannot be duplicated on a social media site.  We understood the gap that was not being fulfilled from what other gaming podcasts were doing, or more precisely not doing. We strive to share with our audience the intimate details of the journey these content creators walk so that our organic and heartfelt conversations may inspire you to become passionate about your project.  May it provide you the motivation needed to simply pursue your dreams.


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