Final Boss Fight – Lord Of Dwarves


Wike – Plenty of people can take argument with Early Access abuse and even Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign abuse, there are more than plenty of circumstances where buyers have been taken advantage of. But There are plenty of games and companies that use it with best of intentions and follow through. We not need be shy of this, we should embrace it as we strive to help the mom and pop companies of the world. One way to spot a well intentioned dev is to see that they are active on their page and on their socials, but also their own websites. Proof is in the pudding it were, find their follow through, and then follow through with your backing them!


Weber- One thing both Weik and I are glad we discussed with Nick was creating an LLC to protect all his hard work.  It was a topic he was somewhat ignorant about because Lord Of Dwarves, as Nick stated in the podcast, was created from a hobby and not profit driven.  We highly respect his attitude about wanting to share his creation with others out of a genuine passion, but want his work to be protected. It’s why Weik and I have sought out smaller Indie developers for this very reason.  Creating any project solo that has as many elements as a video game is an arduous journey that cannot be rushed without sacrificing overall quality.


Content creators have exclusive ownership to their works under the law in many countries to what is referred to as their “intellectual property” or IP.  IP typically refers to creations of the mind such as literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names, images, and digital media. IP is protected by 3 main laws under patents, copyrights, and trademarks.


So what is an LLC and how do I obtain one?  An LLC stands for Limited Liability Company.  It provides single or multi-membered protection to their assets from individual lawsuits or debt, prevents multiple yearly government taxation, lowers excessive paperwork, establishes a legal operating agreement, and provides accreditation.  More information will be provided at our website at about what an LLC is.


I found the tune for FBF by searching online using a link to assist in finding “Creative Commons” works, a non-profit organization that allows content creators to decide which rights they reserve or waive to their content to the public.  Weik and I were unsure about the tune we used was protected or not , so I had to reach out and contact the author Francisco Ramírez directly. He was thankful we asked for permission and granted it! Thank you brother, we highly appreciate it!  Check his page out at  If you are unsure about using someone else’s content, please reach out to them and ask permission so you don’t find yourself under litigation.



Weik and I are not lawyers and only wish to bring awareness to the general issue of intellectual property, so please seek out professional help to protect your IP and be diligent in your research!


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