Final Boss Fight


What is Final Boss Fight?  It is a change in name from “Final Thoughts” carrying the same essence from our previous podcasts.  Since we are following a path in topic of the gaming industry, we felt such a title was appropriate and well, maybe a little clever.  Most of the time they will be titled in accordance to the guest and topics we discussed but reserve the right in latitude to divert a bit should our hearts and minds lead us.


Our philosophy at TetraByte Media hasn’t changed regarding the core the reason we create content.  We love to share, collaborate, aid others, and learn by growing. It is a platform created to share with our listeners about what is important to us that it may bestow life to your breath.  Advice and wisdom from our mistakes including lessons learned that we wish to impart upon you on our journey together. An opportunity to make a change in your life, a meaningful difference in others, and a concession to focus on optimism versus pessimism; even when surrounded by the latter. May we be a rally point where gratitude is expressed for the marvelous things we have in our lives and not which we lack.  The choice is ours and ours alone but should we choose to share it together, there shall be no greater bliss in life nor reward that can conquer such an attitude. No one can strip it from you but yourself.


We cannot do it alone however and yearn for your feedback, participation, and passion for content creation.  It is a cornerstone in the success we share together. The answer lies in each individual and it’s why we believe in you!


Thank you, Weik!

Semper Fidelis, Weber!



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